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So, I was surfing the net the other day, and most of the times I’m looking at some of my favorite bands like The Shins or Coldplay.  But the other day, I ended up doing a little shopping.  I found this really nice cosmetics site where I found a dermablend discount and some of this, so I got a little of each.  As I continued to search, I came across another fun site that had a pirate name generator.  Turns out, my name would be Mary Jane Churchill.  Pretty cool!

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Adaptation of Business

The business world is changing.  I’m amazed at how the internet continues to change how the world does business by making it a global market.  It is fascinating to me how people have adapted over time: from hunting to farming to industrialization to the brick and mortar stores to ecommerce.  Even now, with the emergence of Web 2.0 and the fast pace changes of the ecommerce world, it makes it hard to keep up.  This article has some excellent insight.

As I was doing some research about these changes, I thought it would be helpful to have someone out there to make sense of it all.  There is so much info out there that it is hard to sift through it all.  If you try to figure it out for yourself, you can get misled.  I found this site which seems to have a helpful ecommerce strategy.  If you were ever to go into business like and sell things like this, or sell pirate party supplies– it seems that you have to have some guidance on how to get there.  I’ve been thinking lately of opening my own store with the opportunity that exists.  I know I just need the right tools to help me get there.

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One of the most perplexing things to me about life is how the things that are so hard to do often lend to the best rewards. Near the top of that list in my opinion is jogging. I’ve never liked to run, but there are so many good benefits that come with it. You feel good, look good, live longer and have more energy through your day when you are in shape. So, I’ve been trying to get on a routine lately, and I’ll go run outside or at Gold’s if it’s raining. I have started having some pain in my heel though when I run, and I talked to a friend of mine about it. She pointed me to this website which has an excellent plantar fasciitis treatment. I’m not sure if that’s what I have, but the pain does hurt a lot. I’m going to keep looking into it, but for now, one of the best things I can do is take a bath in my new tub. In Hebrews 12, the Bible says that no discipline is pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, it produces a harvest of peace and righteousness for those who have been trained by it. I love how God teaches us spiritual insights through physical means.

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Loving Mom and Dad

When I was ten years old, my two older brothers and I decided to get my parents a “big” gift for Christmas.  As we racked our brains (and our piggy banks), we came up with the idea of an aquarium for our den.  It was not really in our price range, but for whatever reason, it seemed like a fantastic idea to us.  We didn’t know everything that came with owning an aquarium such as cleaning out the poop in the pebbles, buying a pirate ship and changing the aquarium filters regularly.  However, to us, the work paled to the amazing blue glow that aquarium put out.  We were proud of our gift to our parents.

I was reminded of this gift because of Mother’s Day that recently passed and Father’s Day which is approaching.  My typical gift on these holidays is a greeting card, some kind words, a day spent with the folks and some flowers.  Gifts is definitely not one of my top love languages, but I have been convicted of late to do all I can to love mom and dad.  I’m reminded of the ten year old me who would sacrifice every dollar to make them happy, and I’m trying to be more like him. 

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Summer plans

As the winter drags on, my thoughts are more and more on the sunshine that summer offers! I am so tired of wearing so many layers and slippers, and sweatshirts, just in an effort to stay semi-warm!  I can’t wait to wear a tank-top and still be hot!  So, I am still in the midst of choosing my destination for this summer’s break.  Will it be in Africa teaching women, or in Paris doing an internship, or will I be in Philly living in a community house? Who knows! 

My poor roommate has had so much trouble with her car lately.  She had to shell out a couple thousand bucks, of which I assure you were not in her budget.  Too bad all cars aren’t like THESE.   

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New babies

I have never been into babies.  I know, I know, this sounds cold-hearted, and everyone looks at me like I committed some sort of mortal sin when I admit this, but it’s true.  The only thing going for them is that they are cute.  Well, sometimes.  I know some seriously ugly babies, so I’m not sure what they have going for them.  They are helpless, smelly, needy, cry all the time, make you lose sleep, totally time-consuming, and I never seem to see my friends again once they have one.  But, alas, yet another one of my friends had a baby, so although I skipped the baby shower (I hate those things) I sent a nice package with some winnie the pooh crib bedding for that little rascal to sleep on.  I’m happy for them and all, since the couple really wanted a baby, but I am not particularly looking forward to that era in my life.  The era of changing tables, baby-proofing your house, givng up your hobbies for a couple of long years, birthday parties with millions of kids ransacking your house, followed by rebellious teenager years, and then finally by giving all your money to them for college.  All in hopes that they could someday be lucky enough to do it all over again.  wow.  I have a depressing outlook on all of this.

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It’s amazing how you can live in a place for so long and not really know what is in the area.  It’s like you just get stuck in a rut, and you only go to the same places over and over.  Then when you discover some new place or organization it seems like you end up seeing or hearing about it over and over, and it makes me wonder how I ever missed it to begin with.  That happened this week with the Hamilton County MRDD this week.  Once one person told me about what services they offer, it seems like I heard of it once a day all this week.  It’s weird.

I went and saw the movie “The pursuit of happyness” this week.   It was ok, but kind of slow and boring over all.  Good plot, but a little too long.

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California on the mind

So, a friend of mine has been an extra in the pirates of the caribbean III.  Talk about lucky!  He got to live in the Bahamas for 6 weeks, then go home to Florida for a while, and then he got to go out to L.A. for over 2 months.  He got to be trained as a British soldier, and then don pirate clothes for a scene where he stood right next to Kiera Knightly.  The only thing that would really stink is that he lived in a hotel room with like 5 guys in it for the entire time he was in L.A. to save on dollars.  And, he had to wait in the cold water for hours at a time while they would reshoot scenes.  He went out and purchased a wet suit after one day of that!

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So, as the new year comes around, I have begun to think about what my goals are for next year.  I have decided that I want to enter some of my artwork into at least 4 shows for this year, whether or not they get into the show doesn’t matter as much as just following through with the process of entering the work.  So, I had to go downtown this past week to a friend of mine who is a professional destination wedding photographer and also has a photo studio.  I dragged all my work through the streets, and got digital photos taken so that I can send all my work through to the galleries and contests.  Lucky me, I get to send all my silver coins downtown because I got a parking ticket for being 8 minutes late on my parking meter.  Sigh. 

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