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Tired and Some Guests

I have been so tired lately. Work was crazy yesterday. There were only two of us working plus I don’t even know how to do everything yet. I can’t be too tired because my roommate invited people over tonight. She was gone when I got home yesterday, and I was going stir crazy being alone. I definitely need people. I think I just get really sick of thinking and that is what I do when I’m not distracted. Thus, I need to not be tired and enjoy it when people come to our house.


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Weekends and Shows

This past weekend I finally got the chance to go out and immerse myself in the culture of young adults. I went to a bar to see a band play, which doesn’t sound too incredibly exciting considering I was completely sober, but it was really great to find out one of the venues in the area. Shows are great places to meet people and have entertainment provided to you for a mere $5. You can help out local bands and take in your surroundings. My roommate right now is my only connection to shows and weekend hot spots, so it’s a good thing I enjoy her company. I decided to go home this coming weekend, but I’m hoping that the ones to come will have excitement in store. Even though I haven’t found them all yet, I have a feeling this city may have some hidden treasures of its own.

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First Goal: Making Friends

It is so exciting to finally be here. My first goal is to make friends. It’s hard making friends when I don’t know anyone. Coffee shops and bars are good places to just relax and meet people, so hopefully I will be spending more time in those places. I’m usually shy when I first meet people, but I’m making a conscious effort here to start over and try being more outgoing. I’m an extrovert because I am motivated by people, but I just get nervous at first. Well, I am not going to be that way anymore. Here’s my chance to change that at work, when I’m hanging out with my roommate and her friends, and when I’m just wandering about the city.

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The Big Move

Well I’m starting my life in a new city. I just moved to Cincinnati. It is very exciting to have a new place to explore and new people to meet. I feel there are new adventures around every corner. So here’s to a new blog for a new city and a new start.

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