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When I moved into this new apartment, my roommate and I did some serious purging. I got rid of about 8 bags of clothing and other junk, and she got rid of probably the same amount if not more. Most of mine was a far too large collection of immature t-shirts and toys from my childhood. I am trying hard not to be a pack-rat, but it’s in my blood to keep everything! I hate throwing away any little thing that anyone has ever given me. Memories from birthdays, cards, letters, party favors, etc. I’m a sentimental fool I guess!


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My roommate and I have been busy spending far too much money decorating our apartment and I attempted to convince her to get spiderman fabric for our bathroom curtains, but she wouldn’t go for it.  Maybe I’ll just buy them myself and put them up one day when she’s not home 🙂  It’s not like I’m asking for something awful like Happy Bunny or something incredibly tacky.  Hooray for decorating!

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Today at Work

This guy I work with found out that I love DDR. Him and his wife might come over some time to play. It’s funny that the people at work that I have the most in common with are married guys my age. So hopefully from those friendships I can become friends with their wives or something. I need friends and cool guys probably have cool wives. I’m getting more comfortable at work so that’s always a plus. I actually had fun today because I worked with fun people and we kind of goofed off. I like days where you can play around and get stuff done. It’s been a good day.

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And the Verdict is….the weekend was only OK

So this weekend was ok. Yes, it was only ok. I did start working on an art project which was fun, but my roommate locked her keys in her car. She didn’t have a very good day so I felt bad for her. We were supposed to go to an art show, but barely made it and didn’t have much time to look around. AAA is so slow, so we let a man on a motorcycle unlock it for her instead. We seriously waited for an hour and a half after we called them to unlock it. The show was good on Saturday. The second band was incredible. It was kind of country and kind of rock. It was more country without the twangy singing voice. The other bands were kind of weird though. It was a good night overall, but I am exhausted. Working late one night and early the next day drag me down.

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It’s Time for Some Rest

I am very happy that the weekend is finally here. This week was kind of strange, and I felt weird ever since I got back from visiting my college. I really just need to relax and sleep, sleep, sleep. I was supposed to work tomorrow night, but someone wanted to switch so now I work Sunday instead. That is great because now I can go to a show with my roommate. I’ll get to go to a venue I haven’t been to yet, and that is something I always like to do. I hope my brain just stops going a little crazy like it has been. I could use some rest.

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It’s good to know that when you leave a place you’ve been for four years there are still people there who want to invest in you. I talked to three of my friends yesterday who are still in college. It makes me feel wonderful to know that people still care. I didn’t merely walk out the door and leave that place forever. As hard as it is to go back there and remember how it was it is great to know I haven’t lost every part of that place. There are still amazing people there that will be my friends no matter where we are close or far.

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I went back to my old college this weekend. It was so hard. It’s weird going somewhere that you once belonged to people you once belonged with only to realize that it isn’t what it once was. I didn’t feel like I belonged there. I still am close with my friends, but we’re in different places in our lives now. I had to leave and they are still there together, therefore, I was unintentionally phased out. Nobody did it, it happened because it had to. They still have each other in one location, and I am gone. I love it here, but those people still feel home. I want that place to be home, but it’s not. I love my new home and I’m glad I have it, but I want the memories and the people associated with that place to be here with me. I guess this is just growing up.

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Weekend is here

My roommate’s friends came over. It was fun but kind of weird. Only one of them talked, and there were three of them all together. I’m not good when first meeting people and can’t ever think of things to say so I pretty much kept quiet. The food was quite tastey though. Boys made us Indian food. I wish I knew how to cook. One of my goals here is to cook better or to even try cooking. My roomie always cooks and I clean up. That’s just the routine that kind of happened. I’m really glad it’s the weekend. After I work today and tomorrow I get to go home and see some people I miss. I love it here, but most of my friends are in one place that’s not here. I’m excited to see them.

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