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Newly weds

So, my friends recently got married, and I was surprised to discover that they were sharing a twin bed??!!  As if that isn’t bizarre and childish enough, they are also using these twin  sheets.  I guess I always had this image in my head of people who are married being very “grown up.”  Well, that is obviously not true, because I don’t feel like much of a grown up and tons of my friends are married!  I think as a kid and even a teen I always assumed I’d just be very different and the word “wife” had all these strange associations.  Like, oh wives would never do this or that…as if suddenly being married changes who I am??

Anyways-the best thing to me about getting married sounds like a big destination wedding on the beach. 🙂 ha!  Italy anyone??  A white dress and a gondola singing to me please!


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Pirate stuff

So, I guess this halloween pirate stuff is the hottest stuff on the market! In our town, they have the kids trick-or-treat on the Sunday before halloween during the day from 2-5 so that they are safe, because our neighborhood isn’t the greatest area, and this was the first year I have witnessed this. It was so dumb having it during the day! All of the charm was totally gone. Halloween is different than when I was a kid anyways. The costumes aren’t about being creative anymore. I used to think for hours about what to be, and how to make it. We didn’t buy anything, unless we couldn’t figure out a way to make it! But, my roommate and I just went to a concert in Nashville and the costumes were terrible! There was a girl there without a shirt on-!!! Just underwear and painted yellowish/gold, and going as a lion. That is a horribly ridiculous excuse for being a sleeze bag. Every girl there was dressed so stupidly and short skirts abounded. I miss the old days of just making something funny!

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My roommate and I are having a great time living, dancing, and eating weird bachlorette cooking together these days.  But, she is giving me some of her habits, and one of those includes using a lot of korean ginseng extract in her diet.  She is all into herbs and veggies, and earth safe stuff, and I really love learning all the things she knows.  Today she read out loud to me from a book she’s reading called Crunchy Cons, and I think I’m hooked.  You should check it out-it has some really great down-to-earth ideas to add into your daily life.

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