Masquerade ball ’06

November 6, 2006 bigmove

So, I went to the masquerade ball this weekend down near the campus of the University, and although it got a slow start, it ended up being really fun!  When we got there, we felt stupid because we didn’t really know very many people. But, eventually lots of people started dancing, and it was totally fun!  I went as a “cowabunga dude”, which involved dressing up as a cow, and wearing board shorts, flip-flops a shell necklace and sunglasses.  I think most people thought that was really funny, but in general, I think I thought it was a lot funnier than they did.  Ha!  Let’s see, we also saw people in: pirate clothing, ladybugs, skeletor, drag, Nintendo characters, superman with fake muscles, a ski slope, and a pile of laundry.  I love it when people dress up as a play on words or an inatimate objects rather than something boring.  Now my roommate and I are trying to come up with a good theme for our Christmas party…


Entry Filed under: Cincinnati, Cincinnati Ohio, costumes, cow costume, friends, halloween, nintendo, pirate costumes, pirate stuff, superman

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