Christmas shopping

November 11, 2006 bigmove

Today I officially started my Christmas shopping!  I wish money wasn’t an issue for me, because I L-O-V-E buying people gifts that I think they will love.  I get so excited when I buy someone the perfect gift, that sometimes I have trouble watiting until Christmas to actually give it to them!  I equally love wrapping it up nice, or making it into a big presentation with a theme, rather than just a boring gift.  But, anyways, I went to a local craft sale with my mom and had her show me a bunch of earrings that she liked.  It reminded me of this gift my grandmother gave me once.  She had a rare gold coin put on a nice gold chain for me.  I KNOW it is worth quite a bit of money, and I feel bad because it’s something I would never wear.  It’s sort of gaudy, but a nice gift none the less.


Entry Filed under: buying gifts, Christrmas shopping, coin collecting, costumes, money is tight, rare gold, wrappping paper

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