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New babies

I have never been into babies.  I know, I know, this sounds cold-hearted, and everyone looks at me like I committed some sort of mortal sin when I admit this, but it’s true.  The only thing going for them is that they are cute.  Well, sometimes.  I know some seriously ugly babies, so I’m not sure what they have going for them.  They are helpless, smelly, needy, cry all the time, make you lose sleep, totally time-consuming, and I never seem to see my friends again once they have one.  But, alas, yet another one of my friends had a baby, so although I skipped the baby shower (I hate those things) I sent a nice package with some winnie the pooh crib bedding for that little rascal to sleep on.  I’m happy for them and all, since the couple really wanted a baby, but I am not particularly looking forward to that era in my life.  The era of changing tables, baby-proofing your house, givng up your hobbies for a couple of long years, birthday parties with millions of kids ransacking your house, followed by rebellious teenager years, and then finally by giving all your money to them for college.  All in hopes that they could someday be lucky enough to do it all over again.  wow.  I have a depressing outlook on all of this.


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It’s amazing how you can live in a place for so long and not really know what is in the area.  It’s like you just get stuck in a rut, and you only go to the same places over and over.  Then when you discover some new place or organization it seems like you end up seeing or hearing about it over and over, and it makes me wonder how I ever missed it to begin with.  That happened this week with the Hamilton County MRDD this week.  Once one person told me about what services they offer, it seems like I heard of it once a day all this week.  It’s weird.

I went and saw the movie “The pursuit of happyness” this week.   It was ok, but kind of slow and boring over all.  Good plot, but a little too long.

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California on the mind

So, a friend of mine has been an extra in the pirates of the caribbean III.  Talk about lucky!  He got to live in the Bahamas for 6 weeks, then go home to Florida for a while, and then he got to go out to L.A. for over 2 months.  He got to be trained as a British soldier, and then don pirate clothes for a scene where he stood right next to Kiera Knightly.  The only thing that would really stink is that he lived in a hotel room with like 5 guys in it for the entire time he was in L.A. to save on dollars.  And, he had to wait in the cold water for hours at a time while they would reshoot scenes.  He went out and purchased a wet suit after one day of that!

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So, as the new year comes around, I have begun to think about what my goals are for next year.  I have decided that I want to enter some of my artwork into at least 4 shows for this year, whether or not they get into the show doesn’t matter as much as just following through with the process of entering the work.  So, I had to go downtown this past week to a friend of mine who is a professional destination wedding photographer and also has a photo studio.  I dragged all my work through the streets, and got digital photos taken so that I can send all my work through to the galleries and contests.  Lucky me, I get to send all my silver coins downtown because I got a parking ticket for being 8 minutes late on my parking meter.  Sigh. 

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Christmas time!

So, my roommate and I were discussing how much fun the whole “Secret Santa” thing was in high school and college, and we were sad that you can’t really do that in the “real” world since you don’t have a place to hide the gifts!  So, we decided to make what we are calling Not So Secret Santas, and every morning from Dec. 1st to Dec. 25th we are giving each other a present!  That may seem extreme, but it has been incredibly fun!  They are usually small things that we just notice that the other person uses, or needs, but occasionally we pop a nice gift in there to spice things up.  I wish I could buy silver, and nice things for her, but luckily she is happy with sleeping at last cds, and silly whoopie cushions 🙂 ha!

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