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Loving Mom and Dad

When I was ten years old, my two older brothers and I decided to get my parents a “big” gift for Christmas.  As we racked our brains (and our piggy banks), we came up with the idea of an aquarium for our den.  It was not really in our price range, but for whatever reason, it seemed like a fantastic idea to us.  We didn’t know everything that came with owning an aquarium such as cleaning out the poop in the pebbles, buying a pirate ship and changing the aquarium filters regularly.  However, to us, the work paled to the amazing blue glow that aquarium put out.  We were proud of our gift to our parents.

I was reminded of this gift because of Mother’s Day that recently passed and Father’s Day which is approaching.  My typical gift on these holidays is a greeting card, some kind words, a day spent with the folks and some flowers.  Gifts is definitely not one of my top love languages, but I have been convicted of late to do all I can to love mom and dad.  I’m reminded of the ten year old me who would sacrifice every dollar to make them happy, and I’m trying to be more like him. 


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